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In summer 2018 I have totally refocused my focus. I have stopped doing businesses like Network Marketing or Matrixes or affiliate marketing, where I either have to find people to join me, my business and my team and do the same with their people, or drive traffic to a website in the hopes that people buy.

I feel I have done that long enough and nothing came out of it - for me. I know there are some people who make a gazillion of $$ but there are people like me who just can't get their heads wrapped around it.

So, I quit.

Through a dentist customer (recommened through a friend) who wanted help with their social media I had started learn more about it, and signed up for lots of webinars on that topic.

I noticed that suddenly there were a lot of offers to teach to reach local businesses which at the end I was looking for. Both in English and German.

But their offers were outragous, and out of my reach. I even had a call with one of their sales people erhm... coaches... who at the end told me I would be a great match and wanted to sell me right then and their to give them my credit card info.

After learning more about how this helping of local businesses is on the for march, I stumpled over a guy who not only teaches the local businesses (for most Restaurants) but also throws in a software. Or did I buy the software and he throws in the training?

Not only did I find this offer much more solid it was also a lot less expensive.


Now, that I'm in the B2B business section I have nothing to offer to you anymore, sorry :-)

It's really a huge relief not have to

  • post clever stuff on FB
  • post interesting stuff on IG
  • reach out to people on FB
  • hope people click on my link in IG
  • post in FB groups
  • constantly add interesting and clever stuff to my FB pages
  • go to events and find people to pitch
  • craft a pitch and learn it by heart
  • practise my pitch any oppportunity
  • and so on

If you are in Network Marketing and any such business opps you know exactly what I mean. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not dissing NWM or anything else out there. It's just not for me. Finally I realize.

And I save lots of time because people who send ME messages I see right through them and stop wasting their and my time.

When I see something, on FB, Skype, Email, I ask myself: could that help me with my business?

So I'm unsubscribing left and right, I sorta feel bad for those folks because they got another unsubscriber because I have been their, though mostly of my newsletter emails were not even read.

But, it's a relief, for me.

And I can't even recommend this business model to you because it's not affiliate and buying is closed for now. He probably opens up the doors once in a while for a short time. Maybe you get lucky...

And if you really really want to know more about it, contact me. I'll put you in contact with the guy and either he lets you in or he lets you know when it's open again.










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